Sod on a Pallet: How Many Square Feet and Pieces on a Pallet Guide

When looking to quickly and easily establish a lawn from scratch, sod pieces are the best option. Sod is usually transported on pallets, which vary in size.

Sod on a pallet measures an average of 450 square feet, but sizes of 400 square feet and 500 square feet are standard. Considering these size differences, a pallet can hold anywhere between 50-180 pieces of sod grass.  

What is a sod?

Sod is simply grass with a thin layer of soil underneath it held by the root system. It’s used to quickly establish a lawn since growing turf from grass seed takes a long time. With sod, all you need to do is roll it out on the lawn and water it in. 

Sod pieces are also often used to repair damaged areas on a previously established lawn. Additionally, you can reduce soil erosion by installing sod on bare patches in your yard. Other benefits of sod include flood prevention, improved air quality, and cooling.

How many square feet of sod is on a pallet?

Most sod pallets come in sizes of 400, 450, and 500 square feet, with 450 square feet being the average size. However, some pallets are as large as 700 square feet. The shape of the sod determines the pallet sizes.  

Slab sod and mini hand rolls are sold in pallet sizes of 400, 450, and 500 square feet. However, you may find irregular sizes of 399, 452, and 503 square feet for slab sod pallets. Meanwhile, large rolls are usually sold in 500, 600, and 700 square feet pallet sizes.

In general, slab sod and mini hand roll pallets are best for smaller lawns, while large roll pallets are sizeable enough to cover larger lawns.

How much sod on a pallet

The number of sod pieces in a pallet mainly depends on the shape of the sod. They’re typically sold as slabs, mini hand rolls, or large rolls.

How much sod is on a pallet

1. Slabs

A 450 square-foot pallet holds 170 slabs, with each single slab sod measuring 2.66 square feet. Meanwhile, a 400-square-foot pallet holds 150 mall slabs, while a 500-square-foot pallet holds 180. 

2. Mini hand rolls

Mini hand rolls cover about 5 square feet of lawn area; thus, a single 450 square foot contains 90 rolls. Similarly, a 400 square foot pallet holds 80 mini hand rolls, while a 500 square foot pallet holds 100 rolls.

3. Large rolls

Sod is also sold in large rolls, each covering 10 square feet of lawn area. Due to their sizes, they’re sold in larger pallet sizes of 500, 600, and 700 square feet. A 500-square-foot pallet has 50 large rolls, a 600-square-foot pallet has 60 rolls, and a 700-square-foot pallet has 70 rolls.

Note: To determine how many pieces of green sod you need, measure the size of your lawn and divide it by the size of one sod piece.

How long can a sod last in a pallet

During the winter, sod can last on a pallet for up to 7 days. However, in the heat of the summer, sod has a 24-hour shelf life before it starts to decompose. That’s because the high surrounding temperature causes the sod to lose humidity quickly.

How long can a sod last in a pallet

The amount of soil on freshly-cut sod isn’t enough to sustain it for more than a few days. The best way to extend the shelf life of sod is to unpack it off the pallet and unstack the sod pieces before laying them in the shade. Then, lightly water the sod pieces/rolls within 30 minutes of unloading. Ensure you don’t oversaturate the sod with water.

Even then, you’ll only be able to keep the sod fresh for a few more hours. Thus, the best solution is to install sod as soon as possible after purchase. 

How much is a pallet of sod

The cost of a pallet of sod largely depends on the type of turfgrass and the size of the pallet. On average, a 450 square foot pallet costs between $135-$340, while a 400 square foot pallet costs between $120-$300. A 500-square-foot pallet typically costs between $150-$377. 

St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fescue typically start from $180 per 450-square-foot pallet. Meanwhile, Bermuda grass and Centipede grass are cheaper, typically starting from $136 per 450-square-foot pallet.

How much is a pallet of sod? How much does a sod on a pallet weigh?

How much does a sod on a pallet weigh?

Before transporting sod on pallets, you’ll need to consider the total weight. A pallet of sod typically weighs between 3000-4000 pounds but can weigh more after recent rainfall. Generally, you need a three-quarter-ton pickup to transport a pallet of sod.

The exact weight depends on the type of sod and the pallet used. For instance, a pallet that holds 500 square feet of sod will be significantly heavier than one that holds 450 square feet.

The amount of soil on the sod pieces also affects the total weight of sod on a pallet. Normally, harvesting tractors cut 1 inch of soil with the grass, but will at times grab a bit more or less soil depending on the terrain. 


Before buying sod grass on a pallet, consider the total size it covers in square feet so that you’ll have enough grass for your entire lawn. Moreover, the size of the sod pallet also determines its cost. You also need to factor in the weight of the sod pallet to meet the transportation requirements. 


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