Lawn Care Guide

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Bermuda grass can choke out most weed species that compete with grass. It’s best done when grass is most active during late spring and hot summer months.  

Bermuda’s weed-choking abilities increase when: 

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Mow the Bermuda grass 

Mowing your Bermuda grass 2.5 inches  


Water the Bermuda grass 

Deep watering 1 inch twice per week. Plan the watering early in the morning, between 6 am and 8 am,  for minimal evaporation 

Pull out stubborn weeds by hand after watering


Pull out the weeds by the roots and dispose of them in a compost bin.

4. Test the soil pH 

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Bermuda grass thrives well in soil with a pH of 5.8 to 7.0.

5. Dethatch your Bermuda grass lawn. 

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6. Fertilize Bermuda grass 

Mid-spring : slow-release nitrogen every 4-6 weeks during the peak growing season in mid-spring when soil temperatures are 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit

Mid-Summer: Apply fertilizer again

Fertilization Tips

Early fall: Use the same complete fertilizer as in Mid-summer and Mid-spring. Alternatively, use high potassium potency and minimal phosphorus.

Winter: Don’t fertilize your Bermuda lawn in winter because it’s gone dormant.

Fertilization Tips

Does Bermuda Grass Choke Out Weeds