Who Makes John Deere Lawn Mowers?

John Deere is an American Company with a global reach that designs agricultural equipment, machinery, and lawn care equipment. But, does the company make all its lawn equipment? Who makes their lawnmowers?

John Deere manufactures most of their lawn mowers and outsources some parts like engines from companies like Modern Tool and Die Company, Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, Yanmar, and Kohler.

With the use of reputable companies, John Deere produces lawn mower models, each with unique specifications and features.

Does John Deere make all their Lawn Mowers?

John Deere makes most of its lawn mowers at its facilities. However, the firm also utilizes third-party suppliers like MTD, Kawasaki, Yanmar, Briggs & Stratton to make engines and other parts to save production costs and speed up development.

For example, MTD manufactures non-commercial John Deere tractors that are used by homeowners to maintain their yards.

Who makes John Deere Lawn Mowers?

John Deere produces some of their own commercial lawn mowers and tractors like the 100,200, X300, X500, and X700 series. However, they also outsource manufacturing to other companies to improve efficiency and maintain a favorable production cost.

Here are some of the companies that manufacture John Deere lawnmowers (or produce essential parts on the company’s behalf).

1. MTD (Modern Tool and Die Company)

MTD is an American company specializing in the mass production of outdoor power tools such as tractors, lawnmowers, etc. The firm produces a series of smaller, cheaper non-commercial models for John Deere (and other brands).

MTD also makes lower-end models pieces that are easily interchangeable with compatible John Deere models such as:

  • Ignition keys
  •  Starters
  • Ball joints  

Example of John Deere outsourcing from MTD: The MTD 725-04439 Cub Cadet shares similar features (size and the scope of application) as the John Deere AM 133094 model. Both mowers also use several standardized parts meaning that the mowers could be from a single manufacturer.

Note: John Deere has a knack for outsourcing some aspects of manufacturing to third parties and then completing the final assembly within their factory premises.

2. Yanmar

John Deere and Yanmar have a longstanding agreement (that began in the 1970s) that permits Yanmar to manufacture small compact utility tractor engines on behalf of the John Deere. John Deere outsources the manufacture of some of its engines to Yanmar.

Yanmar is a Japanese-based company that specializes in the manufacture of agricultural machines and engines. Yanmar produces high-quality engines (and is a pioneer in the mass production of small diesel engines). The engines produce up to 65.9 horsepower, although it largely depends on the vehicle’s model and series.

Example of John Deere outsourcing from Yanmar: The 4044M/4053M compact utility tractors are prime examples of John Deere machines utilizing Yanmar-made engines. John Deere prefers outsourcing the engines to minimize costs and to ensure quality.

3. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a reputable Japanese company often associated with producing powerful engines for mowers, tractors, and other motorized equipment. John Deere employs Kawasaki engines in some of its high-end performance-driven mowers and tractors.

Why does John Deere outsource from Kawasaki?

  • Experts say Kawasaki engines are reliable and high-quality to accommodate the high power needs of larger and more demanding John Deere Models.
  • John Deere views the arrangement as mutually beneficial given that the company buys ready-made engines from the manufacturer (before adding the component in its pre-assembled mower frames).

Example of John Deere outsourcing from Kawasaki:  The X300 is a John Deere model that incorporates the Kawasaki FH 491V engine within its structure. The mower combines the benefits of a heavier build, increased maneuverability with the perks of having a high-performance engine as a primary power source.

4. Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is a highly rated American company that produces quality small engines ideal for lawnmowers and garden tractors. John Deere employs Briggs & Stratton engines on some of its models like the 100 series.

John Deere outsources the manufacture of its engines to Briggs &Stratton to mitigate costs and provide for a more specialized approach for its primary propulsion system.

Example of John Deere outsourcing from Briggs & Stratton: The John Deere S 140 series incorporates a Briggs & Stratton engine within their framework. The product boasts a reliable power source coupled with 22 HP, V twin design, and a 1″ by 3 5/32″ vertical crankshaft for quality handling and speed.

Note: John Deere determines the engine’s design, specifications, and standards according to the product’s intended use.

5. Kohler

Kohler is an American Based manufacturing company that deals with a wide array of products such as generators, engines, etc.Kohler supplies John Deere with several engine models for use in lawn mowers and tractors.

Why does John Deere outsource from Kohler?

  • Kohler ranks highly among John Deere suppliers bacuase of its reputation for quality.
  • Kohler engines provide sustainable power, durability and are highly reliable power generation tools depending on the mower/tractor model in use.
  • Most Kohler engines offer four-stroke features, V twin-cylinder liners, overhead valve designs (OHV), and are gasoline driven for quick and smooth running.
  • Kohler engines are easy to install and maintain compared to some of the other manufacturers.

Example of John Deere outsourcing from Kohler: The John Deere 318 model utilizes the Kohler Command  CH2O engine as a primary power source. The engine delivers 20HP and a displacement averaging 624cc for optimum performance. A SMART-CHOKE carburetor also aids in the start-up and operation of the machine for extended periods.

Note: John Deere prefers Kohler engines in some of their mower/tractor models because of their accessibility, high power output, and the quality of production materials.

Where are John Deere mowers made?

Manufacturing of John Deere mowers happens in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. However, the company specializes in several agricultural machines, each one with a different manufacturing location.

John Deere tractors have a manufacturing base at Waterloo, Ohio while, the production of utility tractors occurs in Grovetown, Georgia.

The company occasionally outsources cheaper models,  parts, engines, and accessories from third-party firms from local, regional, and foreign locations. Still, the outsourced designs feature standardized designs and specifications.

What other brands does MTD make?

MTD manufactures equipment for several other brands. Some of the most popular brands that utilize MTD facilities include:

  • DynamMark
  • YardPro
  • Noma
  • Weed Eater
  • Sears Craftsman

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