About Us

LawnModel is a beautiful place to learn how to establish and improve your Lawn – from seeding, sods, weed control, watering, applying fertilizer, top dressing, care and maintenance of grass, and ornamental varieties landscaping ideas to a lot more DIY lawn projects.

I’m Joe Bethel, and I run Lawn model with my friend of about 20 years (Chris Wheeler). We’ve been working with lawns for over 12 years now. Here we share our knowledge and experience for the love of lawn.

You’d be surprised how much value you can add to a home simply by having a thriving lawn.

Lawn plays an important purpose to many homeowners. People can use lawns for aesthetic value, landscaping, animal foliage, and a relaxation area or playing ground for the family. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and experiences to help people understand what grass varieties and tools fit their needs and how to maintain and care for them.